Stichting De Theaterdagen, organizer of Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Nederlands Theater Festival, NTF Pro and NTFjong, announces that Farnoosh Farnia has been appointed as the new artistic director of Amsterdam Fringe Festival as of 1 October. She succeeds Aukje Verhoog, who has led the festival for five editions.

Amsterdam Fringe Festival fits in seamlessly with Farnoosh’s mission to make the performing arts more accessible to young people who do not yet feel represented there. “It is important to give a voice to stories and artists that we hear too little. By going off the beaten track and seeking the beauty in the unconventional. By being open to a mix of art forms, new presentation spaces, new themes and out-of-the-box makers”, says Farnia.

Farnoosh Farnia (Tehran, 1981) studied Film and Television Sciences and Dutch Sign Language in Amsterdam. She is co-founder of the Mezrab Storytelling School and youth theater DEGASTEN. She was an advisor to the Performing Arts Fund and the Municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch (art and culture). Until recently she was a member of the Dutch Theater Jury. She currently works for Oerol Festival as a programmer and head of diversity/inclusive works. She is also a coach and guest teacher at DAS Creative Producing and the AHK Academy of Theater and Dance.

Tobias Kokkelmans, director of Stichting De Theaterdagen, is pleased that Farnia is laying the foundation for a further collaboration between the Fringe and the Nederlands Theater Festival. “With an inspiring new vision, Farnoosh can offer a platform like no other for young makers on the groundbreaking fringes of the performing arts. Thanks to her extensive experience and network, she knows how to penetrate the creative scene of Amsterdam and far beyond. And through a combination with her work as a programmer at Oerol, we can jointly reach, scout, guide and transfer a more diverse group of young artists to other festivals and venues.”

About Amsterdam Fringe Festival
Every year in September, Amsterdam Fringe Festival shows theater, dance, storytelling, installations and performances by young talent at more than 25 venues in Amsterdam. The festival is an ode to theatrical madness, the independent spirit and a plea for artistic freedom. A big, heartfelt embrace of the experiment in the truest sense of the word: one whose outcome can really surprise you. Fringe invites you to join us on an adventure along the fringes of the theater and the city. From the small theaters and hidden gems to obscure garages and new territory. The next edition of Amsterdam Fringe Festival will take place from September 1 – 11, 2022.