Winners Best of Fringe Awards

Storytelling about the possible departure of president Erdogan, a multidisciplinary story about the life and art of artist Irma Stern, a tragicomic dance solo in which Liam McCall interweaves his fragile and resilient self and a ‘lipsync drag therapy performance’ won this years Best of Fringe Award and International Bursary Award.



The past few years the Best of Fringe winners won a tour along different theaters in the Netherlands. This year the price is a stage at different Dutch festivals, that fits best with the acts and their performance. The winner of the International Bursary, Indie Nile (Lipsync Theater) gets a price of € 3000,- to play his performance at Fringe Festivals outside the country.


A jury of twenty-five professionals with different knowledge about performance art and from the Netherlands and abroad chose the winners with the following comments:

Goodbye Erdogan – Betal Özay 
Goodbye Erdogan is exciting from the beginning. The audience will be taken in a underground safe by the great storyteller Betal Özay, who gives them worrying insights about living conditions in Turkey.

Fr/agile – Liam McCall
The jury is enthusiastic about the simple creativity of Fr/agile, that shows the importance of vulnerability in hiphop. With only a flashlight, colored tape and a charming style of style of movement takes McCall the audience with him on his physical

Irma – Eva Bartels
Irma is a performance that makes you think. Bartel starts a dialogue with the 19th century, South-African artist Irma Stern via her own art. She asks very interesting questions about representation, cultural appropriation and colonialism. She doesn’t avoid to question herself too. 

Lipsync theater: how 2 prepare 4 love – Indie Nile (International Bursary Award)
Lipsync theater is a drag therapy session full of sensitivity and 80’s pop hits. The jury commends the show because of the surprising combination of depth and happiness.