Next Best Fringe Award 2022

Next Best Fringe 2022
The Next Best Fringe is for Fringe artists who have performed at Amsterdan Fringe 2022, and would like to ask for a short residency to keep on working on their performance. Production houses Het Huis Utrecht (theatre/performance) and ICK Amsterdam (dance/movement) will both choose one artist to give a short residency to. And you will get an automatic spot at Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2023 to show your work. Amsterdam fringe Festival is from Sept 7th till Sept 17th, 2023. Interested? Submit this form on Oct 13th latest. You will hear from us on November 15th, 2022. Please fill in this form as complete as possible. You can also write in Dutch!
Briefly talk about your performance at Fringe and the artistic research / creation process that preceded it. How did you approach it and how do you look back on the result so far?
* The Next Best Fringe Award trajectory includes approx. 2 weeks of studio time & a number of coaching sessions from either ICK Dans Amsterdam or Het Huis Utrecht (during summer 2023), plus a spot in the Amsterdam Fringe Festival program in September 2023.