Next Best Fringe residencies

Here’s a fun update on some past + present Fringe makers! The 2022 Next Best Fringe Award winners got the opportunity to work on their Fringe performances as artists in residence. 

Rosanna ter Steege won with her performance UIT|EEN|VAL the Next Best Fringe Award in 2022 and is now working on her piece at ICK Amsterdam. In two weeks time, she can develop her work and lift it up to the next level, by experimenting with light and sound. In September, she will present her evolved work under the name UIT|EEN|VAL ||, in collaboration with Yassine Belghanch.

Backlash Media was also a Next Best Fringe Award winner, with their performance People Are Awful. Joseph and Brandon are currently in residency at Het Huis Utrecht, further developing their piece. They are focusing on showcasing a different angle to the stories told in the show. They are also adding puppets, and who doesn’t love puppets?! 

Check out how they use their time in residency by watching the following videos! And don’t forget to get your tickets for UIT|EEN|VAL || and People Are Awful by clicking on the performance names!