Surrender to a music-theatrical expedition withgetting lost’ as destination

Jonathan Bonny & Theater Babel Rotterdam 

Location: Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Grote Zaal


duration of the performance: 50 min

I am going on an expedition, and I’m taking with me…  

In NOORDERLICHT, the performers of Theater Babel Rotterdam and Jonathan Bonny take you on an expedition. In these wanderings, the inclusive cast of eight reflects upon their chances to succeed, and the role the audience plays in that. Come get lost and celebrate the ungraspable in this immersive theatrical field trip in which live music, dance, spoken word and an interactive light design play off each other at a fast pace. 


Jonathan Bonny (he/they) is musician and theater maker. He’s educated as a classical percussionist, but mainly feels at home in the extended performing arts scene where his passion for pop music and interdisciplinarity get space on stage as well. In terms of content, Jonathan continuously strives for a more just world. In their work, the actual majority of marginalized voices get the most amplification.  

Theater Babel Rotter is an inclusive theater company that doesn’t exclude anyone. Babel works with performers with and without disabilities, ill and healthy, addicted and not addicted, with different backgrounds, religions and gender identities. People that are different than you, and sometimes you’re the one being different. 


concept and direction Jonathan Bonny | cast Yazan Alhamoud, Jonathan Bonny, Corné Bouwmeester, Thyra Jansen, Mary-Jane Mijnhijmer, Ali Özdemir, Maryam Sirani, Milton Oliviera Soares | music Jonathan Bonny, Thyra Jansen | text Jonathan Bonny, Thyra Jansen, Rineke Roosenboom | choreography Manuel Kiros Paolini | scenography & light design Loes Schakenbos | costume Matija Franješ | assistent director Selma Eijbersen | production Chloé Hameleers | technique Jorick Moerman & Nienke Krikke | photography campaign image Studio Rik Versteeg | photography slideshow Bas de Brouwer | graphic design campaign image Hannes Schievink | trailer: Niels Kooistra | thanks to Lori McKenzie, Jonny Ioana Tudor, Lisa Verbelen, Simomo Bouj, Jordan Roy, Tonja Hielema, Gemeente Rotterdam, Stichting Pameijer, Elise Mathilde Fonds, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, V2_, Talentengroep Theater Babel