An immersive live installation/performance in honor of transgenerational grieving 


Location: Nowhere, white studio


duration of the performance: 35 min

ODA AL MAL PARIDX is a solo performance that attempts to portray the power of transformations; testimonies of waterdrops becoming rock through time. Inspired by the poetic encounter of stalagmites-stalactites and their ability to hold ancient structures: caves: the first human homes. Anllel researches the possibilities of reproduction of this alchemic technology in grieving and remembering- If water can become a holder, why then can’t grief become a mentor?  

This live installation is moved by the notions of in-betweens, ritual, ancestral wisdom and rebirth.  

ODA AL MAL PARIDX proposes to take you on a trance state journey through the repetition of water dropping, shadows and guttural voice work by activating a deep space of contemplation.  


In this cave lives every memory of my grandmother’s sorrow solidified by the passing of time I offer my chants and my chest to be carved as path knowing the only way is through. 




Marika// Migrant//2000  

Anllel Maria is an Ecuadorian choreographer/performer based in Amsterdam.

She researches trance, ritual, memory, healing technologies, feminist erotica, alchemical processes and rebirthing through sound, archive, movement and installation.  

Her works are based on the ongoing attempt of sensing and reaching states of belonging.  

Her practice consists in generating atmospheres by activating presence-s through a non-linear relation of time.  

She has a background in social sciences, activism, cultural management and curatorship.


Installation/Concept/Performance: Anllel Maria Photography: Gergely Laszlo Ofner