Ode to Destruction

What would you do differently if you had the chance to start over? 

SuckerPunch Collective 

Location: Podium Mozaïek


duration of the performance: 30 min

Have you ever felt as if your world was falling apart? 

Ode to destruction is the interdisciplinary sci-fi piece that explores the human response to crises through the metaphor of a dystopian society facing the apocalypse. 

We follow the story from the perspective of three characters: global disasters become the manifestation of their personal fears, and survival marks the beginning of their healing journey. 

With the use of powerful  physicality, live music and spoken word, ´Ode to Destruction´ seeks the beauty and the potential for constructive change that is possible after a moment of a complete breakdown. A story of post-apocalyptic optimism. 


We are SuckerPunch Collective, a brand new, queer, international collective initiated by dance makers Iacopo Loliva (IT) and Manuel Kiros Paolini (NL/IT), composer Jonathan Bonny (NL/BE), writer Marcus Peter Tesch (GE) and light designer Grace Morales (SP).  

In ´Ode to Destruction´ we join forces with musician and composer Setareh Nafisi (IRN/ NL). 

SuckerPunch weaves together elements of dance and music theater to construct interdisciplinary performances that explore socially impactful narratives – told from a queer and transnational perspective.  

We produce our shows with a non- hierarchical approach, using a collective co-creation method that implements the point of view of each one of our members. 

We strongly believe in the entertainment value of our work, which includes elements like powerful physicality, pop music, humor and a punk spirit. 


Concept, choreography: Iacopo Loliva, Manuel Kiros Paolini
Performers: Setareh Nafisi, Iacopo Loliva, Manuel Kiros Paolini
Music Composition: Jonathan Bonny (in collaboration with Setareh Nafisi)
Text, dramaturgy: Marcus Peter Tesch
Light Design: Grace Morales Suso
Photography: Sebastian Holzhuber