In an interdisciplinary waiting room a parade of lonely figures passes by 

Sytze Bouma & Sofia Norman 

Location: Likeminds Noord, Kleine Zaal


duration of the performance: 40 min

Imagine a room with dim light. A low mist is covering the ground. From the dark a body appears. It draws closer. It has no past, no future. It starts to do the Jitterbug. But before you can grasp it, it melts away…  

In ONDIER (THE BUG) actor and dancer enter an interdisciplinary waiting room. A parade of lonely characters passes by on an aimless quest to express themselves. Searching for their function in this bleak space. Suppressed souls and forgotten figures sway slowly between glamour and disgust, rage and silence, between sparkles and blood. An endless sad party, where you linger even though the atmosphere has long since changed to that of a David Lynch film. 


Sofia Norman (1999) and Sytze Bouma (1996) both graduate from ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten this year as dancer and actor. In ONDIER / THE BUG they join artistic forces.
Sofia is a dancer from Sweden with a love for interdisciplinary work and the absurd both in physicality and text. She did her internship with MoON production/Hendrik Aerts and performs Paradise Circus Now at De Parade 2024.
Sytze is a Dutch actor with a passion for physicality and a fascination with vulnerability. He finished a bachelor philosophy in Amsterdam after which he entered Toneelschool Arnhem. In New York City he studied Meisner and Williamson technique at the Terry Knickerbocker Studio. His internship was with MAAS Theater & Dans in Rotterdam, where he also performed in GEZOCHT: KONIJN (3+). 


Concept, text, performance: Sofia Norman, Sytze Bouma; Eindregie: Lara van Hoof; Sound design: Felix Draisma; Photo: Olivier Kriek; Special thanks to: Espen Hjort, Felix Schellekens, Zephyr Brüggen