Op straat

A tragicomedy about homelessness 

Het Markttheater 

Location: Dappermarkt, Dapperplein


duration of the performance: 30 min

The housing market is cracking on all sides, gentrification is increasing and Huib lives in the park. ‘Op straat’ (On the street) shows the impact of being homeless. An ode to people living on the streets. Why is there such a big taboo surrounding homelessness and why does the government fail to give everyone a roof over their heads?

‘Op straat’ came about from the direct presence of Het Markttheater on the market, where there is a lot of interaction with homeless people. The show took shape from interviews with homeless people, experts and partners such as De Regenboog Groep, Salvation Army and Ombudsman Rotterdam-Rijnmond.  

After the shows we serve a delicious Armenian Lentil Soup from our soup cart prepared by Mher Brutyan and Jasmijn Schrofer.

At Het Markttheater, take a trip back in time, with SUPO: a Babylonian lentil soup, rooted in our DNA. One of the oldest soups, rich in flavour, full of tradition, with a story that takes you back to our ambition. Take all the toppings on recommendation or choose what you like, a squeeze of lemon,some bread and cover your cup for wind. Ask for advice/counselling if you can’t decide. A warm and soft embrace from Het Markttheater and a breath of fresh air will give us strength.


The Markttheater is a company that breathes new life into theater on the market. The company consists of a permanent core supplemented with makers, actors, musicians and other types of artists with whom we collaborate on a regular basis. Artistically we build on old traditions of folk theater such as Ancient Greek comedy, Commedia dell’Arte and Brecht’s epic theatre. Traditions in which marginalized groups are given a voice and a face, and in which the ruling class is critically examined. Thematic lines in our work currently include ‘who owns the city?’, ‘the food chain’ and ‘migration’. These thematic lines arise from our direct presence in the market, the ongoing conversations we have with our environment and with our partners. 

The market is the place where we encounter all levels of society and is therefore the ideal place to develop an innovative and relevant people’s theater. We believe that it is necessary to make a movement towards the public. Our performances therefore take place in the middle of the market square, with striking sets and open audience settings, and are also free of charge. In this way we reach a diverse audience, including many people who would otherwise never go to the theater. 


by Justin van der Veen, Alidtcha Binazon, Sean Hauser, Abigaël Ama | text Guido Scheepe | scenography Thomas Maas | final direction Fleur van den Berg | community/education  Mystha Mandersloot | dramaturgy Nuno Blijboom | technician Bram van Gameren, Geronimo Cappelli | food Mher Brutyan, Jasmijn Schrofer | communication Nicole Kienhuis | graphic design Pedro Lobo | campaign image Eelco Wortman