Pampa’s Pride

A movie pitch turns into a storytelling show about an immigrant’s national identity

Fer Rodil 

Location: Likeminds Noord, Grote Zaal


duration of the performance: 1 h

Fer is a screenwriter. Fer wrote a movie. A Pirates of the Caribbean in a local criollo style, featuring legendary creatures, action scenes, musical numbers and CGI. Fer strongly believes that it is worthy of a big-screen debut. Determined to find producers for the movie and looking for ideas for finishing the script, he decided to put on a one-hour show to tell the plot to anyone willing to help. Knowing him, it is very likely that he will take advantage of the situation to vent about what it means to be an Argentinean living abroad. 


Fer, an Argentinian director and storyteller directly imported from the Buenos Aires theater scene. He’s also a screenwriter, writing series for HBO, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, and producing web series. In 2020, he moved to the Netherlands, following love and escaping inflation. He now teaches storytelling at Mezrab Storytelling School, performs and teaches comedy, and directed shows featured in several Dutch festivals. 


Writer, performer – Fer Rodil
Director – Raphael Rodan
Life support – Lara Ricote