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A coming-of-age fairy-tale about the search for your (sexual and/or gender) identity in a heteronormative society 

Firma Draaijer&DeVries

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Why did theater maker Romke Gabe Draaijer (33) have his coming-out so late – at the age of 27? To answer that personal question, he interviewed nearly fifty people about their coming-out and their experiences as a LGBTIQ+ person in the Netherlands. The conversations inspired him to create the visual and interdisciplinary coming-of-age fairy-tale Pinokkio lost time, with Carlo Collodi’s wooden icon as a metaphorical mascot.

From a wooden puppet he slowly and stumblingly transforms into a human being of flesh and blood. In Pinokkio lost time, a mix of dance, mime and music, Draaijer investigates how you discover your (sexual and/or gender)identity in a heteronormative world full of stereotypes and entrenched patterns.  


Romke Gabe Draaijer (concept & direction – hij/hem)
Performers: David Schwarz (music – hij/hem), Geronimo Chancoso (dance – hij/hem), Tom de Ronde (actor – hij/hem)
Scenography: Leoni Pirenne (zij/haar)
Technique: Harald Schnück/Wytze Veenstra (hij/hem)
Photography: Moon Saris