Play Space

A circus experience using an interactive rope installation 

Saar Rombout 

Location: Vrij Paleis


duration of the performance: 15 min

A body entangled in ropes. Limbs suspended in the air. Weightlessness is created by simultaneously pushing and pulling. Reaching will pull you back, while letting go might move you forwards. We move together, body and ropes. One reaching to the other. What will be your answer? 

When is something circus? Circus plays with the relationship between body, object and space. I hereby invite you to experience circus in a new way. In this rope installation you get the chance to rediscover and explore your playfulness and let it change your perspective. To interact with the ropes with all your senses. Through play you can find unexpected ways to relate to an object and see potential you would never have imagined. Listen to what the ropes have to tell you and react to that, as a dialogue without words.