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Please note: This show is in Dutch! In the performance Adem (Dutch word for breath) a young couple is searching for an answer for the question: do we want to put a child in this world?

This performance is part of a combiticket option.

This question only rises more questions.
How do we deal with climate change? With this world? With ourselves? Do we really make a change in this big world with our micro decision? Or can we just be more egoistic in our search for happiness?  
With these questions in mind, TG Vagebond is showing the current generation. A western generation growing up in the midst of huge problems: pandemics, tyfoons, wars, bio industry, gas, right wing parties and expensive oat milk.

There’s not much hope for a happy future. 

But then, deep hidden under the pile of bad news, they also have a desire to have a child. The need to put a teeny tiny baby on this big world sometimes seems to win from the rational decision to put a child in this overcrowded world and to save it from all the sorrow.
It’s a fight between head and heart, between knowing and wanting.

In an intimate, palpable and funny way, TG Vagebond is partnering with the audience in this battle.

"A nice confrontation. It feels like we're allowed to feel it all."

M. Visitor Fringe Delft

"Intense, and gives food for thought."

Gerard - Visitor Fringe Delft

"What a wonderful show. Because of the way it has been played, the show really comes to live. Its beautiful to see how love is a central part in the story."

Emma - Visitor Fringe Delft

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About the artist

Onlangs richtte Stijn Dijkema (regisseur), Sebastiaan Frowijn (acteur), Giulia Reiss (actrice) en Marieke Giebels (dramatugie) de theatergroep TG Vagebond op.

Ze zijn een kleine en wendbare locatie-theatergroep die geëngageerde voorstellingen maakt met een guerilla- achtig karakter. De locatie is de derde speler en ondersteunt de inhoud van het stuk. Geen voorstelling is hetzelfde en de betekenis ligt voor een groot deel in handen van de locatie en van het publiek.

Stijn Dijkema
Sebastiaan Frowijn
Giulia Reiss
Marieke Giebels

Regie   Stijn Dijkema
Spel   Sebastiaan Frowijn en Giulia Reiss
Dramaturgie   Marieke Giebels

Beeld   Sebastiaan Frowijn

Met dank aan   Janivo Stichting, Amarte Fonds, Gillis Hondius Foundation, Mug Met de Gouden Tand