Robin Nimanong


03 Sep.



During these weird and difficult times, but also beautiful and progressing our topic is especially now speaking loud about empowering the queer community and strengthen individual voices from minorities. Robin Nimanong and Wolf Govaerts both graduated from Modern Theatre Dance in Amsterdam are going to join forces and show you through their dancing and performing skills their truth about this topic.

Aphrodisiac II is an emotional fantasy initiative that, in the midst of the global crisis reinforce solidarity. Our emotional world is one common place where we can share honesty, truth and deeper meaning. But that doesn’t happen enough. The necessity to speak the unspoken, to express the suppressed. Without any shame to be yourself, discovering yourself and your relation to others.

This queer cross over between dance and film, is supporting the LGBTQ+ community by fulfilling a fantasy identity. By using the universal language of dance, these dancers speak their truth against toxic masculinity, racism or emotional abuse by standing their own ground. By showing truth, vulnerability, weakness and strength.

Can you face the truth and listen to your sentiment with us?

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About the artist

Robin graduated from Modern Theatre Dance in Amsterdam and after that danced with Batsheva in Israel. During Robins time with Batsheva he had the experience to work with Ohad Naharin, Sharon Eyal and Roy Assaf. In Tel Aviv Robin created himself 4 creations for Batsheva Ensemble Creates and became a certified gaga teacher. He worked with Israeli choreographers Eldad Ben sasson, Liat Waysbort, Uri Ivgi and Johan Greben (dutch).

“Aggressive, fierce, humoristic, breaking down limits of thoughts”

To be open-minded and to rediscover love and identity in different situations are the starting points of his research. Robin wants to cross borders between dance and other disciplines. His own work is about how we are depending on social cultural norms, but you don’t need to accept them. You can destruct those norms and you can create new and better values or views on society. Not only contextual, but also physical this creates new possibilities.

Robin Nimanong
Choreographer and Dancer Artist
Wolf Govaerts
Dancer Artist
Bo Bolderink
Cameraman and Directing
Jasper van Luijk
coach, (Director and Choreographer SHIFFT Utrecht)
Noa van Tichel

Robin Nimanong – Choreographer & dancer
Wolf Govaerts – Dancer
Bo Bolderink – Camera
Jasper van Luijk- Coach / Dramaturge
Noa van Tichel – Marketing / Dramaturge