Sherise & Gianine Strang

Bijlmer Parktheater, Theaterzaal

06 Sep.



13 Sep.



13 Sep.



A physical dance duet in which the sisters Sherise and Gianine Strang raise awareness of the theme imprisonment. An investigation into what imprisonment means in this society. Are we really free ?

This performance is also part of our Double Bill: Araneo & N>A>M> (Non Aligned Movement)

Being trapped, being caught.

What makes me a prisoner?

Is it the words or the deeds?

Is it the reality I create for myself?

Is it the other person’s thoughts or my own?

What is imprisonment?

Is a student trapped in a school?

Are we humans trapped in a society that strives for success?

Am I a prisoner of my skin color?

Or does imprisonment start with the egg that is fertilized by the semen, that develops in an embryo and is ‘imprisonment’ in the womb. That is ‘liberated’ by the mother and thus ends up in society?

If this is how it all works, why are there more prisoners than there are criminals locked up?

We’re all imprisoned…

Why you?

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