Can Bora & Ufuk Senel

CC Amstel, de Theaterzaal

07 Sep.



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BEYOND focuses on an issue that surrounds all of us: THE DESIRE.

BE NAKED! Two male bodies.

SENSE THE INTIMATE! How desire is able to reveal our hidden, perverse and erotic dynamics towards the other?

DESTROY THE TABOOS! BEYOND, inspired by the traditional Turkish oil wrestlings takes a look at the naked and nude male bodies. It explores the male hegemony through a queer lens and transgresses the concept of relationship towards the wilder human nature, even when failed.

EMBRACE THE HIDDEN DIMENSIONS! touching. Connectivity. slide down. Because BEYOND all of that, if you were totally naked, what wouldn’t you wish to reveal?

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About the artist

Even Can (TR) and Ufuk (TR) were performers based in Istanbul, they met each other six years ago in Impulsanz Festival, in Vienna, under a tree, during lunch break. Since then, they not only become “dream friends” but also associated artists.


Can’s background is more from theatrical studies and somatic practices meanwhile Ufuk studied contemporary dance. Their interests in intimacy, eroticism, body architecture, immanence and desire cross with each other to risk-challenging performances.

They created ALTAR (2018), a performative theater piece, which won The Best Innovative Theater Prize and was nominated to The Best Choreography and The Best Light Design. Then, they created The Rabbit’s Hole (2019), a dance performance for three dancers, which fluctuate between different temporalities and tempos, for the Festival A Corner In the World. Last year, they did the premiere of their new show DreamBazaar, inspired by the whole work of Samuel Beckett, just before Corona restrictions.

They still are present for each other, dream together, even though as a Virgo and as a Sagittarius, they also prefer to spend some private time alone into their depths.


Creation & Performance: Can Bora & Ufuk Senel

Music: Eda Er

Visual Design: Elifsu Dagdeviren