Dear Doubts

Revue Regret

CC Amstel, de Theaterzaal

04 Sep.



05 Sep.



11 Sep.



12 Sep.



Dear Doubts is an absurdist and visual contemporary circus piece about regret, non-linearity of time, a hopeful ’maybe’ and a timid ‘what, if’ and lastly, and most importantly, about how our lives will move on no matter what.

‘Dear Doubts’ is a new creation from Swedish/German circus company Revue Regret. The 1-hour show is a contemporary circus piece about regrets and how we relate to the consequences of our actions. Deciding for something always means to decide against everything else. Daily and in all circumstances, we can draw from a seemingly infinite pool of possibilities and the decision we take will leave an everlasting trace in us. ‘Dear Doubts’ is the letter we write to our past self from a point in time where we can evaluate the judgement of our previous decisions. A thoughtful and exhilarating piece that tackles the philosophical via the physical.


About the artist

Jakob Jacobsson escaped the cold of northern Sweden in search of circus and settled down in Rotterdam to finally devote himself to the aerial rope. Unhealthy amounts of coffee and Tom Waits fueled him to graduate Codarts Circus Arts in June 2018 with a rope solo about forgetting, giving up and drowning. He is the co-founder of the scandinavian circus collective ‘The Nordic Council’, revealed a couple of depressing statistics about feminism in the circus in his thesis “Strength in Numbers” and occasionally writes essays for the platform .

Lisa Chudalla graduated 2013 from Codarts Circus Arts specialising in aerial rope, cyr wheel and taxidermy manipulation. Since then she has performed on anything from beer crates to cruise ships. Lisa is a hoarder of circus skills and can now after 7 years in the arts count graceful acrobatics in steel chains, rigging, balancing on her own head, swallowing swords, and creating couture with staple guns into her repertoire.

Revue Regret was found in 2017 to create a performance art piece with sword swallowing, which evolved to a side specific 30 minute show(‘The Last Straw’) at the Delft Fringe and Showman’s Fair. ‘Dear Doubts’ premiered after a 2 year creation at the German festival Ruhrfestspiele 2021.

Jakob Jacobsson
maker and performer
Lisa Chudalla
maker and performer

concept & performance: Jakob Jacobsson, Lisa Chudalla

coaching & outside eye: Susanne Piwonka

outside eye & dramaturgy: Yolande Sommer, Gerindo Kartadinata

technical support: Kenneth Danielsen, Björn Hartenstein

This project is selected and supported from the funding programm Zirkus On 20/21 and supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and Stichting Droom en Daad.

Our other partner are: Perspectives Festival, Tollhaus Karlsruhe, Zirkus Momolo, Worm Rotterdam, Workspace Dynamo, KulturWelt e.V., Open Space Bochum, Alexandra Henn + Cox Ahlers(Mentoring), Jara Reker(Fotografie), Bernadette Fink (Fotografie), Tina Peißker (Fotografie), Patrice Winfield(Videografie), Francesca Bertin (Video)