Een Waging Pogen

Erik de Boer

Salon de IJzerstaven

07 Sep.



08 Sep.



09 Sep.



10 Sep.



"Laten we met z'n alle een waging pogen tot wredevereld." (Let's all fake an emmort for porld weace.")

— Please note: This show is in Dutch —

Poetic Dadaism with a dove. In Een Waging Pogen Erik de Boer takes you along in a turbulent and whirling spoken word performance about his Dadaist interpretation of society.
The well-known white man and society as a whole are observed in an absurd way.
Major themes emerge in an unusual way.
The Dadaist word and language play disrupt your thoughts and stimulate your imagination.
The subtle theatrical additions make each poem an experience.
In this energetic performance you are kindly alienated and put on the wrong track or made you think.
The show has already started before you know it. Een Waging Pogen doesn’t really hold up a mirror to you, but at the end it’s more like the hairdresser is showing you the back of your head.
Absurdity and dada in its most sincere form. The styles are not often used anymore.

It is precisely within this form that style and content come together.
It is also an ode to absurdism and takes the viewer into what this style has to offer.
The performance originated from Erik's second collection of poetry of the same name. 
Next to the scarves from the Wols of Wolstreet spinning house (see presentation) and many other 
beautiful things, the bundle is also available at the merchandise table.

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About the artist

Erik de Boer (1991) is a visual artist and performer from Friesland, but also exhibits abroad outside the provincial borders. He graduated in  2015 as a theater maker in Leeuwarden. Since then he made several long and short productions (shown in different Northern theaters such as De Lawei and De Harmonie). As a visual artist he is mainly interested in recycling and a more sustainable world. He makes his work with the smallest possible ecological footprint. Therefore there is a lot of unusual material in his work. As a performer and poet, he likes to play with words, language and the expectations of the audience. What is absurd to one person is the most logical way for Erik to understand, shape and portray the madness and oddity of the world. What is unusual stands out. This leads to a different way of looking and thus also thinking. This allows you to move/touch the audience from a completely different perspective. With a sharp eye not coloring outside the lines, but outside the framework.

Concept, tekst and performance: Erik de Boer
Set and props: Boukje de Boer, Erik de Boer
Dramaturgy and production: Susanne Visser
Technique: Boudewijn van Galen
Salon de IJzerstaven: Jos en Egon Schrama
Collage campaign image: Mirjam Engelberts
Bass accordion: Hotze Jelsma