For a Long Time Now

Diane Mahín & Manuel Groothuysen

Likeminds Noord, Grote Zaal

08 Sep.



09 Sep.



10 Sep.



11 Sep.



In this performance the audience encounters two figures who are confined in an audio-loop, perpetuated by a machine. The breaths, words and sounds they express are redefined in the loop.

They have been stuck for so long that they do not see the difference between themselves and the technology they are serving. One of them tries to escape. However, in each attempt the loop grows stronger with the help of the other.


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About the artist

After growing up together as Dutch-Iranian siblings, Diane Mahín and Manuel Groothuysen returned to their place of birth to develop as performance makers at Maastricht, Institute of Performative Arts. They were both educated in social sciences and humanities before shifting to the live arts. When working as a collective, Diane and Manuel connect strongly in their existentialist and absurdist view on everyday (inter)actions, their urge to imagine and build sound-worlds, and their explicit and static visual language. They are fascinated by the way in which humans are subject to the manipulation of (non-)human agents. This results in performative works which give form to behaviors of humans which emerge in fabricated and inevitable patterns, such as their inescapable union as siblings.

Diane Mahín
Manuel Groothuysen

Concept, performance, sound design – Diane Mahín & Manuel Groothuysen

Technician – TBA

Dramaturgy – TBA

Special thanks – Toneelacademie Maastricht, Peter Missotten, the spectrum space, Instrument Inventors Initiative