GOSH! – This is love!

Bustie La Tish & Friends

Boom Chicago

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GOSH! takes you on a wild search for the meaning of love in a feminist world. Bustie La Tish brings together an eclectic troupe of fierce burlesque and drag stars, ready to bare their souls - and bodies - to make you laugh, cry and, more importantly, cheer loudly. Prepare for a fast-paced ride on the rollercoaster of emotions we call love, through the eyes of women and queer folks.

ATTENTION! Buy your tickets in multiples to be able to sit together.
This is due to the 1,5 meter distance safety measure.

Sexy, cheeky and political, GOSH! Stands for a Good Old Sexy Happening. 


Drag kings & queens, erotic dancers and burlesque performers share the stage while our fabulous mistress of ceremony guides your journey. 

Among glitter and rainbows, you will see lip-syncs, comedy, dancing and stripping. We are playful and soulful, we toy with the concepts of love, gender and sex. Each act represents the artist’s own interpretation of love, whether that is passion or heartache. The performances are a wild mix of raunchy, funny, poetic and political.

GOSH! is intersectional feminist, sex-positive, body-positive, gender-positive, age-positive, LGBTQIA+-positive, melanin-positive, sex-worker positive, disability-positive and features artists with diverse bodies, genders and sexual orientation. 

What’s love without the patriarchy? You’ll have to join us to find out, all we can say is that it’s got a lot of glitter and rainbows!


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About the artist

Bustie La Tish is an Amsterdam-based plus-size burlesque performer. She has been performing internationally since 2016. Her acts span the range from absolute comedy to filthy cake-sitting, and in 2020 she introduced her latest work, an homage to victims of sexual assault. 

Since 2016, Bustie is a member of the oldest and most activist drag house in Amsterdam, the house of Hopelezz. In the house, Bustie is regularly creating performance art with a large group of queer, trans and non-binary performers. 

In 2019, Bustie produced her first show at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, the feminist burlesque show PUSSY GRABS BACK! The show was sold out all four nights that it played. 

Thanks to Bustie’s day job as marketing manager, she brings years of business and marketing experience into her art productions, easily navigating social media, budget files and project timelines. 

In 2021, Bustie launched her podcast Work B*tch, where she is sharing simple business tips to help artists grow their business. She will teach an online workshop with those simple principles in the upcoming international burlesque conference Burlycon this July.

Ginny Vie Fauve is a queer burlesque and club performance artist from Groningen, where she has been performing in the club scene since 2015. Particularly linked to Paradigm, a climate conscious club that mainly runs on a community where everyone is welcome. The club is known for the artistic interpretation of various events.

In 2017 Ginny made her debut as a burlesque performer at the Amsterdam School of Burlesque. From this moment on she performs throughout the Netherlands, but especially in the Amsterdam burlesque scene. She has climbed the stage of Boom Chicago and various subculture events. From 2018 she also performs internationally and visits festivals like Iseo-Italy, Berlin-Germany and Oslo-Norway. At the International Women’s Festival on Lesbos-Greece, which mainly attracts queer women from all over the world, she did not only perform but gave  empowerment and body-positivity workshops.

Ginny produced two sold-out Feminist burlesque shows in Groningen earlier in 2019. She involved the queer scene through marketing and her network. Here she taps into new target groups for burlesque, a great asset to cultural Groningen.

Maggie Leroux has been involved in the Dutch burlesque community since 2014 and has since then collaborated on almost all major Dutch burlesque productions as so-called ‘stage kitten’. A stage kitten is a combination of stage manager and stage hand, who ensures that a burlesque show (before, during and after the show) runs smoothly. Besides burlesque shows, such as The International Burlesque Circus (Xarah von den Vielenregen), The Dead Sexy Club, The Blue Moon Cabaret, Burlesque Kingdom (Fay Loren), Burlesque Freak Out (Marco ‘Charley’ Buschman), Pussy Grabs Back! (Bustie la Tish), The Amsterdam School of Burlesque Showcases (Flora Gattina), Maggie has also worked for national and international burlesque festivals, such as the Amsterdam Burlesque Awards, the Bruxelles Burlesque Festival, Glasgow Festival of Burlesque and The Croatian Burlesque and Cabaret Festival.

Maggie is a cheerful and somewhat cheeky character, like a modern jester whose hood with bells has been replaced by a leopard print outfit and the scepter by a broom. She is a key figure between the audience, the burlesque crew and the performers. Maggie makes sure that artists can give their best performances without any worries, that the show runs smoothly and that the audience has a great time. Her biggest dream is a positive, inclusive, but above all safe international burlesque community.


We would like to thank the AFK for it’s financial support. BLKSM media and Waves of Burlesque for shooting our promotional video material. Rinse Fokkema and Sergei for taking our promotional photos. Paradigm for making the space available to make this great material.