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Using art to go beyond boundaries, to share and explore, with the desire to discover new possibilities and different paths. With this philosophy we opened ourselves to the creation of "He".

A multidisciplinary and experiential performative act for the artist, who experiments with the duality between material and ethereal elements. Helium and hair hang  bring her into a state of physical and mental suspension, dissolving the boundaries between body and mind, allowing her to move guided by the wind but also to use the ground to impose her own directional lines. The result is a state of inner awareness in which the mind is no longer engaged but completely absorbed in the experience.

About the artist


Martina Nova – performer

Multidisciplinary artist born in Milan, she lives and works in Turin. She began her circus studies in 2002 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she trained as a circus acrobat at the Escuela de Circo Criollo, specialising in aerial acrobatics. After many years of performance work with the Duoacrobat company, she turned to “performing art”, mixing, thanks to her studies of movement with Doriana Crema, her experience as an aerialist with her own universe and other languages, such as physical theatre and dance. In 2009, during the creation of the show “Armonaria e il Viaggio di una Crinolina” (Harmonaria and the Journey of a Crinoline), she began experimenting with new sounds linked to aerial acrobatics and physical movement with an electronic instrument created specifically to be played during the performance on the aerial fabric. With the same show, in 2010, she won the prize for Best Absolute Premiere at the Festival Mirabilia in Fossano. Subsequent works will have in common experimentation, movement, sound and sensations, until arriving, in 2019, at the creation of “He”, in which technique is abandoned and the focus is on perception, on places and on the experience of the performance itself. Since 2008 she has been directing La Fucina del Circo, a teaching space as well as a space for the creation and production of performances.

Roberto Vigliotti – musician
Born in Turin, he has always been attracted to new sounds and sound experimentation. In 2012 he attended the Electronic Music Production course at the Percorsi Sonori association in Turin, and in 2013, again at the same association, he attended the Audio Production and Post-Production course. In 2014 he continued his training with the second course of Audio Production and Post-Production at MusicLab in Settimo Torinese. Over the years, his passion for percussion, experimental music and rhythmics has led him to mix different languages. Since 2012 he has been audio technician for the shows “Luce” and “Il Viaggio di una Crinolina” by Martina Nova, where he uses electronic music and produces live sounds. His latest project, which led him to the performance “He”, is the use of small percussion instruments combined with recycled objects to experiment with sound in various forms, accompanied by a loop station. Since 2012, with Martina Nova, he has been running La Fucina del Circo, a space for teaching aerial disciplines, creating and producing shows.

Daniel Medrano – public relations    

La Fucina del Circo – productions
La Fucina del Circo is a non-profit association born in 2008 from Martina Nova’s passion for circus disciplines and performing arts with the aim of promoting contemporary circus production in Italy and abroad. Specialised in aerial disciplines, in 2012 it found it’s full realization with the concrete implementation of a space with specific characteristics suitable for the creation of shows, contemporary circus performances, courses and workshops. A well-equipped circus space, in Barriera di Milano in Turin, where you can find courses with professional teachers, moments of collective training and time dedicated to creation. A place to meet passion and creativity in an environment full of sharing.