Issam Zemmouri

Zid Theater

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In his solo, choreographer and dancer Issam Zemmouri combines contemporary dance, physical expression and visual poetry. Historia is a journey that stretches across the Mediterranean Sea and encounters different cultures, languages and civilizations. We are taken along in a personal quest for liberation, through past, present and future. This is where the eternal struggle between the material and spiritual world takes place. Can I be myself? is the question the traveller finds asking himself over and over again, whilst being confronted with the obstacles and rules of the game, which are always determined by others. Every step you take ha…

About the artist

Issam Zemmouri is a choreographer and dancer with a unique style: a combination of contemporary dance, physical expression and strong visual elements. With his unique physical and visual language, he knows how to unexpectedly transform the space and the character into new experiences. He is exceptional in working with objects, which challenge the viewer’s perception time and time again. Through dance he addresses sensitive subjects, where words fall short. With his dance training in Morocco and France, he belongs to the youngest generation of authentic choreographers and dancers with their own artistic language.  



Historia was shown exclusively as a work-in-progress at ZID Theater during the ExploreZ festival in October 2020. Hereinafter Issam developed the performance further and it will be ready in spring 2021. During the festival, Issam met choreographer and creator Christian Guerematchi. They got on well and Christian gave advice regarding the choreography in the final creative phase.