Ryan O'Shea


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Loosely based on 80’s new wave synth pop hit I Ran (So Far Away) by A Flock of Seagulls, I_RAN is a sharp, mesmeric trip for those who dream of running away from it all. It follows a mute oddball character through a series of nostalgic, beautifully surreal imagery and deals with the human desire to run away from emotions. An anxiety-fuelled ride through the human psyche, I_RAN is abstract, intoxicating and filled with compelling aesthetics.

"It was incredibly evocative" - The everyday Magazine “Cutting edge, conceptual, playful, clever” Audience feedback "A crystal drop. Melancholic, sharp, strangled bit of beauty" Kate Yedigaroff (MAYK) "a rare example of clarity, economy and vision in storytelling... he invited us into a very vividly imagined world and captivated the audience. He is a very unusual artist of great promise.” Tom Morris (Artistic Director of Bristol Old Vic)

About the artist

Ryan O’Shea is a queer theatre maker based in Arnhem, Netherlands. His projects are multi-layered, aesthetically-sharp and  physically-driven, mixing iconography and small scale spectacle and often set in ambiguous, abstract worlds permeating with a feeling of otherness. He is part of Anglo-Belgian theatre collective Reckless Sleepers and regularly works as a technician, dramaturg, performer and deviser. He cut his teeth at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Contemporary Theatre and Performance degree and is currently studying a masters’ degree at Home of Performance Practices at ArtEZ, Arnhem.

Technician: Mark Hawkhead

Dramaturgy: Danny Prosser

Set Design: Kieran O’Shea

Costume design: Ria Matthews


Supported using public funding from Arts Council England & Bristol Old Vic Ferment