In Lak’ech

Aissa Kraayenbrink

CC Amstel, Grote Zaal

10 Sep.



10 Sep.



11 Sep.



11 Sep.



'You are my other me. If I do harm to you, I do harm to myself. If I respect you, I love and respect myself.' - Luiz Valdez


In Lak’ech is a contemporary dance solo with live vocals. In Lak’ech is a saying from the Mayan culture and also means: I am another you. According to this philosophy, everything in the universe is related to each other. The people, the community, the plants, animals, winds and spirits / souls form a unity and nothing exists without the relationship to the other. That sounds quite abstract: how deep can and do we actually want to connect? And what is needed for that?

In a creative process in which Aissa was inspired by the Covid-19 and BlackLivesMatter situations, she investigated the connection between voice and movement, in order to enter into an abstract conversation about her personal experience of the situation and its possible influences.

Aissa: “In a time where there is so much stir and all kinds of voices are looking for a place to be heard, it is important to investigate and know who you are in the moment. It takes courage to be vulnerable, to confront and to communicate.”

The performance is an intimate dialogue between dance and voice to represent the journey to connection. Aissa creates a vulnerable and powerful experience with room for reflection, inspiration and a sense of identification. Although the work has a clear theme, its ambiguity is guaranteed, so that your own imagination can run its course and the viewer’s own interpretation is respected.

Aissa Kraayenbrink provides surprising and dynamic images in her duet In Lak'ech (2019). The synchronous floor work is a moment when the performance rises above itself. The vocals aimed at the audience touched the jury. All in all, In Lak’ech is a special, fluid theater experience, with talented performers.

Juryrapport Amsterdam Fringe 2019

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About the artist


Aissa is a dancer and choreographer with a background in Law. In 2018 she graduated from the Urban Contemporary dance education at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK). Before that, she got her Bachelor degree in Law in 2014 (University of Amsterdam) and danced at 5 o’clock, the dance pre-education of the AHK. Here she discovered her passion for dance and art. Aissa worked with several national and international choreographers, such as Gianni Grot, Heidi Vierthaler, Ivan Perez/Chris Tandy, Guilio D’Anna, Anne Suurendonk and the100Hands. Next to this she partook in talent development trajectories in the disciplines of spoken word, physical theater and mime. Aissa is an intuitive, holistic performer&choreographer who integrates different socially relevant subjects in her work and connects them to the overarching theme of connection,  in which her work revolves around.


During her internship year Aissa produced her first performance evening, called ‘The Next Colour’, a triple bill performance with work of Sophie Prins, Wennah Wilkers and herself (duet In Lak’ech). Her duet was programmed for Delft Fringe Festival 2019, Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2019 and for CC Amstel voor CC Amstel Danst. In addition to her artistic entrepreneurship, Aissa has developed in business (and production) in the performing arts sector since 2017 and she has worked for Stichting Helden, Helden Inc., Dalton Jansen Choreography and CC Amstel in the roles of business assistant, production manager, head rehearsal and performer. Finally, she teaches (urban) contemporary and modern dance.


To stimulate authenticity and to create a safe space for reflection, identification and inspiration in a rapidly changing world. In our totality as human beings we deal with feelings, thoughts, beliefs, insecurities, emotions, talents and defects, with our body, mind and soul. We have a past, a future and the present moment. Nothing has to be hidden, everything can be there, but what is ‘real’ is the moment. In this moment, Aissa wants to be able to stand strong in her vulnerability. She hopes to inspire people to have the courage to be true to themselves. 


The dance language she uses is contemporary and has influences from urban and modern. In addition, Aissa is inspired by other disciplines, such as physical theater, text and singing.

Aissa Kraayenbrink
Choreographer, dancer
Melvin Aroma
Vocalist live


Aissa Kraayenbrink – choreography & dance

Melvin Aroma – vocalist live

Conni Trommlitz – image

Jesse Vanhoeck – dramaturgic advise

Sophie Prins – vocal coaching

Roselie van Herk – costume

Jens van Huizen – technical support

Special thanks to – ICK Amsterdam, AFK, CC Amstel, Amsterdam Fringe Festival