Chiara Monteverde & Robbert van Hulzen

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Klei is an intuitive ritual involving a body, live electronic music, and lots of clay. A duo performance in which dancer Chiara Monteverde and musician Robbert van Hulzen play with the possibilities of metamorphosis. The many shapes and states clay can have guide the audience into a world full of images, created and destroyed, again and again.

What if the inevitable changes we all go through would leave traces on our skins, our bodies, our environments? Can a slowly unfolding transition and a radical distortion be part of the same metamorphosis?
Klei is a duo performance in which dancer Chiara Monteverde and musician Robbert van Hulzen play with the magic of transformation.
Exploring the many shapes and states clay can have, the performers create and destroy images, again and again, celebrating the power of physicality and creativity.
In their improvised ritual, Chiara and Robbert manipulate, bend, melt, twist, flatten, knead, thicken, and mix their raw materials into new shapes, stretching out in all directions in a fluid process of constant mutation—shapes that eventually find their way back into the melting pot of wet clay.

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About the artist

Dancer & performer Chiara Monteverde started developing Klei in the autumn of 2020. In December of that year, sound artist Robbert van Hulzen joined her at a residency at Gallery Cunst-Link in Brussels, which was concluded with an many-hours-long performance behind a large window, inviting dedicated spectators & coincidental passers-by to watch for as long as they wished.
In June 2021, we performed the piece in an industrial building (part of an Artist Commons festival), the audience scattered around the space.
At United-C (Seasoning, fall 2021), we did shorter versions: people came in for a set length, then could either go see other shows or stay with us longer, and/or come back later.

Chiara Monteverde is an Italian dancer and performer based in Brussels. She works for various projects and companies, from the mainstream to the underground. Metamorphosis, emotions, the exploration of her own limitations and the attempt to explore what’s beyond them are the main themes of her artistic research. She is part of Artist Commons, a cultural organisation which supports young artists from different backgrounds in Brussels, organises public performative events and runs a collective space.

Robbert van Hulzen is fascinated by the worlds between what’s often called sound and music, pitch and noise, harmony and cacophony. Using mainly drums and electronics he works with many bands, companies, and other performers, happily mixing improvisation and composition as well as genres and disciplines.

Chiara Monteverde – concept, movement

Robbert van Hulzen – sound & music

Sarah Burton Whicker – costumes & ceramics

Marina Kaptijn – dramaturgy

Made possible with the support of Cunst-Link, Fondation Wallonie Bruxelles, Artist Commons, United Cowboys.