Daphne Agten & Laetitia Bica

WINNER NEXT BEST FRINGE AWARD 2021 "Gorgeous selflove [...] a powerful act of emancipation." - Marijn Lems, Theaterkrant. this exploration of self-touch comes dangerously close.

Why do we touch ourselves? Do we do it for comfort? Or do we measure our bodies against past versions of ourselves, other people or even our environment? How can self-touch become a radical tool in these times of ever-growing distance? Through a sensual multimedia performance, Laetitia Bica, Daphne Agten and their performers will invite you to lay hands on your own flesh and bones.

This performance received the Next Best Fringe Award 2021 and was able to grow under the wings of Het Huis Utrecht. This comeback is supported by the Flemish Community.

The meticulous way in which Agten maps out her body is fascinating: how her body influences even the slightest movement, how her folds rearrange, how her body weight can throw her out off balance.

Marijn Lems, Theaterkrant

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About the artist

Daphne Agten, performer, director and writer + Laetitia Bica, visual artist, work together as mirror women. They see themselves and the world through eachother. They have both an individual and shared artistic practice in Belgium.


Daphne Agten (1990) graduated from Toneelacademie Maastricht in 2020 and combines a fascination for bodies, juices, sharp edges and soft folds with a passion for language in all its forms. She has worked with Karolien Verlinden (Kapot), Inne Goris (Tirol Inferno) and Nina Wijnmaalen/Dansmakers (Auf meiner Seele hat ein Fremdling getanzt). Soon, she will be performing in Gilgamesh by Mesut Arslan/Platform 0900.

Laetitia Bica (1981) studied photography at the Institut des Beaux-Arts Sint-Luc and puts research at the forefront of her work. In many different disciplines, she always goes for the experiment and uses her projects for crossfertilisation. Her first book was published at Caïd in 2015 and she’s currently working on multiple exhibitions in Belgium and France.

Daphne Agten
Performer, costume & concept
Laetitia Bica
Videographer, scenography & concept

With the help of Vasilis Apostolatos, Het Huis Utrecht and all the guests at our try-out.