Nobody’s Tree of Life

Josse Vessies


05 Sep.



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Welcome too the sanctuary, Inflate is a corporate initiative together with Rob-lox to bring embodied experience, into, the Metaverse. We have created a safe space based on the Hermetic Laws of Ancient Kemet. Especally, For you, to reconnect with yourself. To start your journey; relax, reset and reprogram your nervous system for an improved emotional and social experience. And remember The future is: fractal. Have a great journey.

In Nobody’s Tree of Life  we ​​follow maker Josse Vessies into his own Metaverse. Through movement and projection, Josse turns  into his ”inner self” and takes us into a physical and virtual experience, in which he dances together with a deluge of influences that flash past him through virtual reality in different environments that push his body into new forms. The more deeply he explores his Meta-world, the more his body adapts to this new virtual space and the more difficult it is to tapped wit the ”outside world”. Nobody’s Tree of Life is a tenuous flight into the digital dimensions that lift us out of our bodies and into other realities.

But what is Josse looking for? Could he find it in a metaverse?

A multitude of devices, online platforms and virtual means of communication are part of our ‘normal’. The influence is undeniable on a global scale but also on a personal level.

How will virtual reality develop our physical presence?

With the performance Vessies investigates the theatrical tension between the virtual images and the body. Images are interactively controlled by the dance, where the audience is taken on a wild trip through a multitude of ‘forms’ and ‘environments’ inspired by the experience of personal space.

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About the artist

Josse Vessies is fascinated by vr technologies and their direct relationship to the physicality of the user. He experiments with new possibilities within installation, dance and virtual art. Vessies sees the need for art expressions that make full use of virtual capacity and also questions the influence on our changing view of humanity.

Josse wants to create a spatial experience for everyone who is curious about such a sensation: a deeper embodiment in relation to our digital age. With his special combination of experiences and skills, he is constantly experimenting – from dancing with objects to virtual dimensions. He creates different layers by adding disciplines, processing materials and applies substantive symbolism down to the last detail. He is a physical maker, who wants to transcend the anecdotal in his work. 

His performance invites the audience into the subconscious.