Amanda Palma


03 Sep.



#taitiria is a journey from chaos to healing across meditative rhythms and carnaval beats. Presents you a visual diary from the contrasting present of Brasil translated as immersive layers onto the performer’s body movement.

As beauty clashes with violence, and nature with destruction, #taitiria offers an escape from the madness of the present.

it is a body and visual scream

In this documentary theater the public can expect to see stunning natural landscapes and wonderful parties, in contrast to the country’s rampant fascism, authoritarianism and deeply rooted social problems. The sequence is screened over the performer and filmmaker body while doing a healing physical practice that combines Brazilian dancing, yoga, breathing and chanting. The public is also invited to join the movements.

#taitiria is the convergence between two worlds, the “real” world, of the Brazilian social and political situation, and the inner world, the search for the self, ancestral roots and meditative healing experiences.

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About the artist

Amanda Palma is a Brazilian documentary filmmaker and yoguini who had been living and working all around Brazil. From indigenous villages in the Amazon to Rio’s “favelas” she have been collecting and sharing images and experiences. #taitiria is her debut authorial work that connects these diverse realities through the light of the inner search for peace, mental and physical health.

I’m a storyteller living a living document. I’m obsessed with stories. With everything that is human, rhythm, beauty and cure. I am living a nomadic lifestyle, attracted by energies, by people I want to meet and by causes I believe and support.

nothing is permanent, I’m always going for another adventure. I’m in a search for beauty and healing in the middle of disaster and chaos.

there is a wind that calls the earth. a wind that smells of migration, wandering. thank god i have a tree and a horse. so I can fly knowing that I always have where to lean on. The more I walk the more I feel I need to land, anchor. I need to get out of a mental state of being, and allow myself to feel. feel all the sensations, even the subtlest of them, and guide me only through them and nothing else. The further I go, the more I feel I have nowhere to go back. In the old days I didn’t feel that, that good almost feeling of having a home.

this work is a collection of pieces of myself. Pieces I’ve been spreading around, putting together images and words that echoes in my mind.

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