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In her choreography debut TEIRO, Lara Drožđek is combining her profession as a psychologist with dance theatre, exploring the impacts of personal traumatic experiences. The dancers work through their traumas and illustrate their journey with dance. Not only the pain, but also the often forgotten resilience and personal growth as a result of trauma will be portrayed.

What is TEIRO? Originating from the Greek language, this word means both rubbing in and rubbing off. It illustrates how traumatic experiences can cause pain and scars in the survivors (rubbing in), but can also provide new perspectives, meanings, wisdom and resilience (rubbing off). In TEIRO the audience will be exposed to the various phases of coping with psychological trauma, e.g. avoidance, survival mode, trigger responses and resilience. While some work through these phases, others get stuck along the way.

This performance is based on urban dance and it experiments with other dance influences. Movements will be taken out of their context and receive, thereby, new meanings.

After the performance, a short talk (15 min.) with the choreographer about the working process and the psychological understanding of trauma will take place.

'As a coach, I have experienced her creative process up close: it was full of vulnerability, honest curiosity and reflection. Her choreographic work is stubborn, fragile and sometimes unpolished, but always definitely authentic. Lara is willing to explore the process thoroughly, and I'm proud of that.’

André 'Drosha' Grekhov - Coach en Cultureel ondernemer, Sample Culture

About the artist

Lara Drožđek has toured with various performances of Solid Ground Movement as a dancer. In addition to hiphop, she has developed herself as a performer within the (afro) Latin styles. During her ‘Artist in residency’ last year, she has explored the themes of resilience and vulnerability resulting in two duet performances. Teiro is her debut as a choreographer. Her inspiration for this piece was anchored, among other, in resilience which she has observed as a therapist in many of her traumatized patients.

This performance is created in cooperation with the Urban Arts Talent Fund (FCP), Solid Ground Movement, Alida Dors and André “Drosha” Grekhov as coaches.

Maker: Lara Drožđek

Dancers: Alvaro Oosterwolde, Wendy de Vries, Lara Drožđek

Artistic coaching: André ‘Drosha’ Grekhov, Alida Dors

Music: DJ Lovesupreme

Light: Ingeborg Slaats

Business leader: Ger Jager

Production: Nadin Topal, Marieke van Dis

PR: Yoram Otten

Campaign image: Ivo van der Bent

Design: Emma Verhoeven

With special thanks to Waikuma Pentury, Bryan Druiventak, Solid Ground Movement, I-psy and the Urban Arts Talent Fund (FCP)