Kiriko Mechanicus & Just van Bommel

CC Amstel, de Theaterzaal

04 Sep.



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Through live filmed film-scenes filmmaker Kiriko Mechanicus and performer Just van Bommel dismantle the creation of drama and narrative. If cinema is the life we aspire to live, how easy is it to recreate this illusion in real life?

Through live filmed film-scenes, filmmaker Kiriko Mechanicus and theatremaker Just van Bommel dismantle the creation of narrative and drama.

If cinema’s the illusion we aspire to live, how easy is it to create this fantasy in real life? How can we separate our own feelings from the things we see on the big screen? Can they be considered one and the same? This performance questions the authenticity of our emotions and the influence of all the things we see through a frame. Do we know romance, only because we know it from film? Do we cry like we’ve seen actors cry?

Do we copy drama? Or does drama copy us?

THANK YOU FOR YOUR BEAUTY will leave you dazzled, will make you cry.  You’ll be amazed! Just like in the movies.

About the artist

Just van Bommel

Was born and raised in Groningen and travelled all the way across the country to study Performance at Toneelacademie Maastricht. There he started creating widely diverse works, varying from performances about his fear of death to glamorous shows about heartbreak. Just always starts with the personal, which he magnifies until it becomes theatrically universal.

Kiriko Mechanicus

is documentary maker and writer. She creates stories about all the things that people put in their mouths (words, tomatoes, body parts, etc.). Her work often concerns the the theatricality and manufacturability of life. Besides being a filmmaker, she’s also a fashion photographer, podcast creator, recipe maker, culinary historian and beautiful Bouquet-enthousiast. She is happiest when all these elements come together.

Performance: Kiriko Mechanicus & Just van Bommel

Eindregie: Diane Mahín

Technical support: Reinier van Brummelen

Music: Schubert Impromptus No. 3 in G-Flat Major, Op. 90, D.

Poster Design: Hannes Schievink

Poster photo: Lisa Schamlé

With huge thanks to:

CC Amstel,

Grand Theatre Groningen,

SPOT Groningen,

Toneelacademie Maastricht,

Nederlandse Filmacademie,

Amsterdam Fringe Festival,

Judith Blankenberg,

Milan van der Zwaan,

Loulou Sjerps,

Lisanne Notermans,

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Yorke Mulder-Bhangoo,

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Abdellatif Kechiche,

and Federico Fellini.