Can Bora

Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Rode Zaal

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THE HELIX is a multidisciplinary performance, where live editing on the stage through Green Box technique, story telling and choregprahied movement intersect with each other by emphasizing the role of the felt-sense for an extreme aliveness and euphoria that touches each of us. It tells a twin flame story and explores our inner states of being (archetypes) through somatic experiencing.

The HELIX is about the practice of self-touch. Inspired by psychosomatic techniques, it interweaves ritualistic New Age dance with storytelling. The HELIX invites the audience to experience an interactive and sensory performance about the HUNDREDS of meanings of love. Witness the mysterious Anatolian love story about the Sufist poet Rumi and his beloved Shams . By focusing on the tactile experience of the heart and reminding that LOVE is AN EXERCISE, The HELIX invites you to an ectatic experience to be celebrated: especially for and through our hearts, and thus for our human existence. 

This performance is part of a combi ticket option.

About the artist

Can (b. 1986 in Istanbul) is a Turkish cross-field queer artist, who works in the fields of dance, theatre, video art and performance art. He studied Theater Practices in Paris with a MA degree and contemporary dance in Barcelona. Recently, he finished his MA at Performance Practices as an artist-researcher in ArtEZ University of the Arts. He made a dance piece “U________S” about the felt-sense as an escape from the epistemic violence within the entanglements of bodies of fascism, eroticism and somatics.


He is known as a “contemporary shaman artist” (also as a metaphysic catalyst) , which explores the inner dynamics/archetypes of the human being. Situating his work between possibilities of an utopia and failure, he mainly deals with notion such as masculinity, eroticism, intimacy and is obsessed with ways of connection and intra-actions between bodies.

Last year, he also participed to Amsterdam Fringe Festival with his dance piece “BEYOND” (created with Ufuk Senel, performed in CC AMSTEL), a performance inspired by the traditional Turkish wrestling that explores our ways of being connected to someone by embodying an ” etheric” relationship between male bodies.

Concept & Text & Video: Can Bora

Performers: Can Bora & Antti Uimonen

Choreography: Can Bora & Ufuk Senel

Music & Sound Design: Ata Guner

Somatic Experiencing Mentor: Gulben Ersoz

Special thanks to ArtEZ University of the Arts, Home of Performance Practices.