The Unanswered Question

Hans Muller and André Chapatte


07 Sep.



07 Sep.



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08 Sep.



By questioning their own masculinity, it is masculinity itself that comes into question. In an attempt to escape from their man-cave, Hans Muller - 63, and André Chapatte - 31, open up their tool boxes and spread its contents across a 55 minute dance-performance! Through a series of demonstrations, songs and movements, they ask each other how they learned to become men, and search for the elements that might be missing.

Masculinity, fatherhood and death. These themes revolve around an unconventional ‘conversation’ between two cisgendered white men (one twice the age of the other). They do so by using movement, props, projections, words, music, interactions and dance. Thus as the performance progresses, elements which may (or may not) define masculine identities are introduced and put into question: power tools and pilsner beer, the process of ageing,  acts of care, conditioned behaviour, experiences with sexuality, boyhood, fighting, anger bias, the acts of acceptance and commitment, grief too large to project anything onto.

Hans Muller and Andre Chapatte bring these themes about with moments of sensuality, showmanship, humour and sincerity. Through the questioning of their own masculinity, it is masculinity itself that comes into question, and a space of reflection becomes a space of speculation.

The Unanswered Question is a SABOTAGE production and contains nudity.

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About the artist

Hans Muller (NL) was born in 1956. He got his BA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in1988. He worked for several years with the theatre group of Eric de Volder (later called Ceremonia) in Gent, Belgium as a composer and directors assistant. He makes sculptures in public space and composes film music for experimental animation films. He is a singer songwriter and a maker / inventor of new musical instruments. He currently lives in Rotterdam.

André Chapatte (CH/USA) was born in 1988. He got his BA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2015, followed by an MA at l’Institut Supérieur d’Art et Chorégraphie (ISAC) in Brussels in 2018. He previously worked as an illustrator and cartoonist before changing focus towards the languages of the human body. He makes dances-performances and is the founder of the SABOTAGE dance company based in Brussels. He is a singer songwriter and works as performer, dancer and choreographer. He currently lives in Brussels.

a SABOTAGE production

Created and Performed by
Hans Muller and André Chapatte

Dramaturgical assistance: Joy M. Smith
Video projection: Conny Beneden
Sound design & technique: Alice Spenle
Lighting design: Remy Urbain
Lighting technique: Adrien Rigal
Scenography: Investigations Géométriques
Film & photos: Conny Beneden

Co-produced by Artist Commons, Brussels
With support from the Théâtre de la Balsamine