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A personal search to which steps were crucial for the way new hiphop maker Donna Chittick leads her life.

In Together, four dancers show us the women of today; confident, tough and fragile at the same time, and together. Donna Chittick drew inspiration for this not only from her own life, but also from the everyday life of the self-employed woman and the life choices that come her way. Who influences you on your life path? What role does your living environment play? In a contemporary mix of urban dance styles, Chittick searches for the female strength in those dance styles, and makes a performance in which the daily reality of her and her dancers is the source.

"As a choreographer, I like to delve deeper into the motives of man and I want to tell a story that touches the daily reality of man."

Donna Chittick

"Donna manages in Together to capture modern youthful femininity and sisterhood"

Alida Dors - Artistic leader of Theater Rotterdam and dance company BackBone

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About the artist

Choreographer Donna Chittick is one of the new makers who will be supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL in the near future. Most will know her from the hiphop dance company BackBone by choreographer and sociologist Alida Dors. Donna has been an important core dancer in this company for years. Before BackBone, Donna developed her dance language at Solid Ground Movement. In addition, she has gained experience as a maker at Hiphop Center Solid Ground Movement and production house Korzo.

Choreographer: Donna Chittick

Liza Panjoel, 
Fiona Dekkers Thaynah Rodrigues Hannah Chandra Mahler

Artistic accompanist: Alida Dors

Dramatist: Peggy Olislaegers

Costumes: Kenley Chittick

Light: Simcha Hoed

Music: Gabriel Damude / DJ Lovesupreme

Campaign image: Sjoerd Derine

Business leader: Ger Jager

Pr: Yoram Otten

With special thanks to: Performing Arts Fund NL, BackBone
, Solid Ground Movement and CC Amstel