Yogi Anni

Annica Muller

Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Grote Zaal

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Yogi Anni is a tragicomedy about an American yoga-vlogger who gets trapped in her search for salvation in a ripped up world. Based on personal engagement and inspired by yoga lectures, vlogs, tutorials and TEDtalks; Yogi Anni is pure entertainment with raw content like depression, eating-disorders and addiction.

Yogi Anni combines western liberal values with the ancient yoga philosophy and tradition. In her attempt to explain the yoga principles of ‘non-violence’ and ‘Truthfulness’ she gets deeply lost. Along the way you discover more and more about her personal life. As she reveals her personal dark secrets the more gloomy it gets. Death seems the only way out. Shall Yogi Anni find the light in the darkness of the night?

Muller: ‘With Yogi Anni, as same with Burning Butterfly (XL) I include my personal story and my experience as a yoga teacher. I use my burning engagement as my fuel; my relation with dualism, consumentism, deep desires, meaning of life, depression, destruction.

I did several depth interviews with inspiring women – who also struggled with their existential seeking for meaning and salvation. Different stories with a common ground of depression, eat-disorders and addiction. Their darkest hours and biggest revelations are interweaved in Yogi Anni’s story.’

Herien Wensink

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