How to be a loser

Alexey Shkolnik

The Student Hotel, Auditorium

03 sep.



04 sep.



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11 sep.



Heb je ooit het gevoel gehad dat je een soort van loser aan het worden bent? Zo ja, dan kan ik je maar één ding vertellen: je beweegt je in de juiste richting! En hier ben ik om je te helpen dáár te komen. Dus je zult niet alleen maar een loser zijn, maar DE loser!

How to be a loser, a performance in the form of a workshop, offers you the training to become a good loser. As a loser it is easier to resist capitalist values. The workshop can also change your meaning of success.  

The workshop will teach you daily exercises to transform yourself into a specific kind of loser – a loser who is aware of his position and consciously chooses to be that way. The workshop gives you all the necessary tools and knowledge, seriously and with a wink, that you can go along with or resist. But by the end of it, you should have all the necessary tools in your house to become a real loser! 

Over de makers

   Alexey Shkolnik is a choreographer and performance artist who started his dance education at Voronezh Ballet school (ВХУ) as a folk dancer. After one year of military service at folk dance company “Red Star”, he continues education at Moscow University Of Culture and Art in modern dance faculty as a choreographer from 2011 till 2015.
    The desire to discover something new and break the borders of Russian conservative dance brought him to Amsterdam to SNDO where he changed focus from academic folk and traditional modern dance to experimental movement practices and performance, improving and establishing himself as a maker and performer.
    Besides exploring movement Alexey turn his curiosity towards speaking which was tabu for many years as he was a dancer in Russian.With words, he was able to open up a new perspective in his artistic development and told stories about his past and current life. 

Developed and Perform by Alexey Shkolnik