Rebel Boob

Speak Up! Act Out!

Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Rode Zaal

09 sep.



10 sep.



10 sep.



11 sep.



Inspired by Angela El-Zeind's own breast cancer, and based on interviews she conducted with 21 women affected by the same disease, this is a powerful performance which uses prose, choreography, and film, to explore themes of identity, sex, resilience, body image, grief and relationships. It is a raw, funny, honest and beautiful insight into what can happen when your life as you know it, stops. And then starts again.

Deze voorstelling is deel van een combiticket optie. 

Rebel Boob is een voorstelling over borstkanker – maar het gaat niet echt over borstkanker. Aan de hand van interviews van vrouwen in het voorstadium van borstkanker, is Rebel Boob een post-woordelijke, multimediale performance die proza, choreografie en film gebruikt om thema’s rondom identiteit, prioriteit, veerkracht, lichaamsbeeld, rouw en relaties te onderzoeken. Deze voorstelling gaat niet over chemotherapie of over de dood (al hebben we er wellicht wel een beetje over!); deze voorstelling gaat over het leven, herontdekken wie je bent, leven in het nu & de onverwachte zonnetjes achter de wolken. Het is een rauw, grappig & mooi inzicht in wat er kan gebeuren als het leven dat je kent stopt & opnieuw begint.

Er zijn op vrijdag (9e) en zaterdag (10e) nagesprekken na deze voorstelling, gehost door de Brakke Grond. Naast een duik in het maakproces van Rebel Boob, zullen de makers ook verder in gaan op de onderwerpen: omgaan met kanker op jonge leeftijd, hoe dat het leven en carrière beïnvloedt en wat deze veranderingen voor de makers heeft betekend.
Er is hier ook ruimte voor discussie en gesprek met het publiek.

"When it comes to a somewhat frightening topic like cancer, many people seem to automatically shut down emotionally when talking about it, almost denying it exists. However, this is not the case with local theatre company Speak Up! Act Out! An extremely insightful and powerful experience… not to be missed”

Sascha Cooper Broadway Baby

“The audience is constantly reminded of what it is to be human. Tonight’s performance was deservedly met with a ‘sell out’ box office and standing ovation which speaks louder than any words I could possibly use here…”

Fringe Review

"So many elements to absorb, so well balanced with heartbreak and humour , dialogue and movement. It was consuming and entertaining and educational and inspiring .  I so enjoyed every aspect of it - all the performances bringing different qualities and stories but meeting each other to bond and fully connect in that place of shared experience.”

Lesley Hughes

"Watching the performance gave me the opportunity to start to understand the challenging feelings that breast patients experience. As an audience member I went through the whole spectrum of emotions, I laughed, I cried, I thought about my own mortality but overwhelmingly I came away with a feeling of positivity. I came away with a better understanding and empathy not just for the brave breast cancer patients but probably humanity and community itself, we are in it together but we all have our own unique stories. A fantastic experience."

Joanna Godden

"Everyone needs to see this show! As someone who has been through cancer treatment I found 'Rebel Boob’ incredibly moving, funny and inspiring in equal measure. Not only did it resonate deeply with my own experiences of breast cancer and also melanoma, but it educated (and entertained!) the friends who came with me and who said, afterwards, that they understood so much more about those living with and beyond cancer.”

Dr Niki Strange

Over de makers



Angela El-Zeind
Director / Performer
Katie Dale-Everett
Aurea Williamson
Laura Careless
Dance Artist / Performer