Can Bora

Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Rode Zaal

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THE HELIX vertelt een tweelingvlam verhaal en verkent onze innerlijke staat van zijn (archetypen) door middel van somatische ervaring. Het is een multidisciplinaire performance, waarin live montage op het podium met een Green Box techniek, storytelling en choreografie samenkomen. Zij benadrukken de rol van het goevoelde gevoel als extreme levendigheid en euforie dat ieder van ons raakt.

What if the last sentence was the last authority?

Meet me at the edge of my skin, let me feel the euphoria!

THE HELIX is about the practice of touching the self. Inspired by psycho-somatic techniques and twinned with new age ritualistic movement and storytelling, the audience is invited to experience an interactive and sensory performance about the HUNDREDS of meanings of love, through somatic experiences. By placing the tactile experience in the heart, and remembering that LOVE IS A PRACTICE, THE HELIX is an invitation to an ecstatic experience that can be celebrated through synesthesia of touch and sight: especially by and for our hearts, and so for human existence.

This performance is part of a combination ticket option. 



Over de makers

Can (1986, Istanbul) is a Turkish cross-field queer artist working in the fields of dance, theatre, video art and performance. He did a master’s degree in Theater Practices in Paris and studied contemporary dance in Barcelona. He recently completed the master’s degree in Performanc Practices at ArtEZ art academy. He made the dance performance “U_________S” about the emotional experience as a way out of violence within the entanglement of bodies of fascism, eroticism and somatics.

He is known as a ‘contemporaty shamanic artist’ (and as a metaphyphical catalyst) who explores the inner world and archetypes of man. Because he places his work between utopia and the fall, he is often concerned with themes such as masculinity, eroticism, intimacy and he is obsessed with the many ways of connection and intra-connection between bodies.

Last year he performed at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival with his dance performance BEYOND (in collaboration with Ufuk Senel, in theater CC Amstel). This performance was inspired by the tradition of Turkish oil wrestling that explores how to be connected by embodying an ‘ethereal’ relationship between male bodies.

Concept, text and video: Can Bora

Performers: Can Bora & Antti Uimonen

Choreography: Can Bora

Music and Sound Design: Ata Guner

Somatic Experiencing Mentor: Gulben Ersoz

Special thanks to ArtEZ University of the Arts, Home of Performance Practices, Ufuk Senel.