The Millennial Immigrant

Basak Layic produced by Blue Pagoda

Plein Theater

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"We hadden een droom. Een webserie over onze levens. Zoiets als 'Girls', maar dan de Turkse versie. Ja, misschien een beetje dom, maar waarom moet het altijd gaan over hoe het voelt om een Moslim te zijn of hoe het is om te wonen in het Midden-Oosten? Over bommen en politiek? Waarom kunnen wij ook niet gewoon -zoals de Amerikanen en Britten- iets maken over coole white girls? Zo oneerlijk. Wij kunnen óók narcistisch én seksmaniakken zijn!"

“Sinnerman, where are you gonna run too?”
Shake your head harder. Then maybe you can forget.
Drink another beer. Smoke another joint. Not working?
Distract yourself. Watch another episode. Listen to another song.
Run faster. Not better. Not stronger. Faster.
Do you see anyone who can stand still?
Tell him to do it somewhere else. 

In pursuit of living the European Dream, M, a young Turkish woman arrives in Amsterdam. Knowing that the EU never accepted her country, she is going to make sure that it’ll be different for her. Soon she finds herself in a performance group along with a fake Canadian, a WOKE Belgian, and a hopeful Syrian. As they all search for a story to perform, they get a chance to be someone in this new city and make peace with their past. Or not.

Volg Basak Layic produced by Blue Pagoda

Over de makers

Basak Layic (text & play): After studying ‘Media and Visual Arts’ in Istanbul, Basak worked as a scriptwriter for the American web series ‘ Frankensitter ‘, which can be seen on Amazon Prime . She arrived in Amsterdam in 2017 after which she acted as a storyteller in both ‘Mezrab’ and ‘Labyrinth’. In 2019, she joined the theater group ‘What We Do’ as a performer for the critically acclaimed play ‘ How I Got Talent For Life ‘. In early 2020, she joined theater group DEGASTEN Boost where they developed the ‘Chain To Be-Long’ project.Basak will be performing at Dox Clubs for the season 2020-2021. 


Basak Layic
Writer & Actress
Mara van Nes
Director & Co-Writer
Gunsu Sari
Oyku Cetin
Shervin Bagheri
Sound Director
Aram Balian
Tomas Leijen

Mara van Nes  (Director) studied at the Academy of Theater and Dance in Amsterdam in the direction of theater maker and teacher. She makes interventions from a social-artistic context and has been involved as a freelance maker / moderator in groups and projects such as: DEGASTEN, Black Sheep Can Fly, Podium Mozaiek, Oerol Festival and Building Conversation. Her performances ‘Paradise now How?’ and ‘Tossamossa’ were played at the Right About Now Festival and the RRReuring Festival. She made the theatrical installation ‘For a Sparrow my House is a Rock’ at the Boslab Festival in the summer of 2019.

Oyku Cetin (text) is a writer and actress who has been active in the theater world since the age of 12. In addition to plays, she has worked on mini-series, short films and performances. After completing her dramaturgy training, she now works at the Media Planning Department of the Discovery Channel.

Gunsu Sari (creative producer and text) works as a director and actress in the film and theater world. She is also active in the field of art direction and costume design for various projects. A recent work by her (as a costume designer and actress) has won the Best Music Video Award at Cannes Short Film Festival 2019. Living in Istanbul, she continues her work as a freelancer there.

Aram Balian is a producer of live productions with an artistic character. Since 5 years he independently produces live music events and concerts in Amsterdam with over the years a total of approximately 20,000 visitors. He has also been an executive producer of the national theater production ‘Prison Monologues’ with 25 sold-out performances and approx. 6,000 visitors.

Shervin Bagheri (sound director) is an Iranian musician trained in classical music and philosophy. His ‘ambient deep house’ project ‘Heimat’ contains vocals and analog synthesizers. He currently lives in Canada. Shervin tours the world and takes people on a journey where his audience finds a home in his music.