Toujours de 3/4 face!

Loraine Dambermont

Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Rode Zaal

05 sep.



06 sep.



¾ FACE: de ultieme verdedigingspositie!
Volgens Johnny Cadillac, een voormalig Belgische karateka, is de ultieme verdedigingspositie de ’ ¾  face’. Loraine Dambeemont maakt zich dit principe eigen en onthult haar allerbeste geheime zelfverdedigingsvaardigheden. Een survival-gids over hoe we aan chaos verwachtingsmanagement kunnen doen, met de complexe Belgische identiteit als onderliggend thema. Bewegingen gericht om vooruit te komen door middel van uitbarstingen en zelfspot. Een performance die haar fysieke en mentale virtuositeit uitdaagt door het lichaam tot het naadje uit te dagen; een ware weerstandstraining dat gaat over een hypersnelle bewegings-marathon en de extreme precisie van haar muzikaliteit. 

According to Johnny Cadillac, a former Belgian karateka, this is the ultimate defensive position: the « 3⁄4 face ». Loraine Dambermont makes this principle her own and reveals her best self-defense secret skills. A survival guide in which the complex Belgian identity is underlined through mouvements all directed towards the paroxysm of self-mockery. A marathon between hyper fast movements and the extreme precision of her own musicality.

A posture so precise which inevitably betrays a will of perfectionism and a deep desire of control: Toujours de 3/4 face! is a « live » tutorial recommended for everyone living in a world where the threat of violence is omnipresent and society is becoming increasingly unpredictable. A solo performance that challenges the physical and mental virtuosity of the performer by pushing the borders of body limits.

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Volg Loraine Dambermont

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Over de makers

Loraine Dambermont (1988) – Brussels / Belgium

After graduating from Codarts and The Theaterschool – Academy of Dance and Arts in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, she developed her own body language by establishing a singular way of moving and making works. By mixing several dance techniques; from Hip Hop to Contemporary dance, focusing more deeply on popping and floor work, she likes to create with an explosive energy.

She is currently busy working on her own projects: her latest solo production “Toujours de 3/4 face!” premiered in November 2021 in Brussels, where she is based.

She is also working/used to work alongside Etienne Rochefort (Fr), The Nordic Beasts / Noora Hannula (Dk), Zahrbat / Brahim Bouchelaghem (Fr), Mute Comp. Physical theater (DK), Michèle Anne De Mey (Be), Itamar Serussi (IL), Beppie Blankert (NL),…

She won a choreographic prize in 2013 with her duet « Buy My City » at The Amsterdam 16 MINUTES OF FAME Festival White Box Edition and started with her partner Noora Hannula a deeper artistic collaboration since then.

“I really enjoy power in movement and I create restless choreographies that I like to channel through a meticulous musical structure. My work aims to experiment new choreographic languages ​​in order to produce dynamic and captivating performances. This artistic approach wishes to encourage danced movement and highlight the beauty of the gesture by inviting the audience to live this intense experience together”.

Choreography and live performance: Loraine Dambermont / Composer: Loraine Dambermont / Soundmixing advisor: Victor Petit / Light design: Rémy Urbain / Light technician: Chamsedine Madec / Outside eyes: Noora Hannula and Monica Gomes / Co-production: Théâtre de la Balsamine, Théâtre Marni, Garage29 / Project supported by : Iles/Suitcase Bruxelles, L’Armande, Cultural Center Bruegel – Perpetuum MOBILE Festival, Roseraie, Theater aan de Rijn – Dance Flavors, Arnhem (NL), Studio 28 Roubaix (FR) / Special thanks to Johnny Cadillac

More coming dates: June 16th 2022 – CDCN Gymnase Roubaix (Fr) / October 8-9th – Danse avec les Foules Festival Brussels (Be) / March 18-19st – Festival Guerrières – Mars Mons (Be) / April 7th – Klap, Maison pour la danse Marseille (Fr)