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REFRACTION [breaking light]

Personal and poetic portrait of two brothers in Breakin 

Liam McCall (& Oscar Starink) / Underdogz

Location: [vdm_event_location] & Meervaart Theater


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Have you ever noticed that if you look at something through a glass of water, the object seems to change shape and place? It’s magic in plain sight, we think we see a fish somewhere in the water, but the fish is actually someplace else. When we try to catch it, it’s already gone.  

This is refraction: a lightwave breaking on a surface and changing velocity, causing us to not see what’s really there beneath the surface. Refraction can also completely change what’s above the surface, think of the moving colors of a sunset or a rainbow appearing when it rains.  

In this duet Liam McCall and Oscar Starink, two b-boys from Underdogz crew, research and dissect what it means to be a breaker and for it use a play of light to share that vision. What lies beneath the image of a b-boy, and becomes apparent when you go deep away from the surface? It’s an exploration of dance, light and themselves.  

Can they break the stereotype and just be boys? 


REFRACTION [breaking light] by Liam McCall together with Oscar Starink Underdogz  

Music by Niels Broos  

Scenography by Joey Schrauwen  

Campaign image by Tarona  

Scènefoto’s by Koko Graphic  

Design by Alica Anaïs Fuentes  

Powered by Emoves / UC Masters  

Supported by Het Wilde Westen