Smuggled Tea Performance

Smuggled tea brews as a Turkish-Kurdish duo tries to make a dance piece together 

Fatih Gençkal + Mustafa Zeren 

Location: Podium Mozaïek


duration of the performance: 1 h

Smuggled Tea Performance is a captivating exploration of creative collaboration amidst the complex sociopolitical landscape of Turkey. In this mesmerizing chronicle, Turkish artist Fatih Gençkal and Kurdish artist Mustafa Zeren embark on an extraordinary journey of creative collaboration, defying the structural inequalities and economic challenges that permeate their homeland Turkey.  

Infused with political and cultural implications, this groundbreaking piece explores the intricacies of bridging contrasting biographies and heritage, weaving a rich tapestry of inspiration from west to east. As the world takes on different meanings in Diyarbakır and İstanbul, witness the gripping exploration of what it truly means to create an equal conversation in Turkey.  

With choreographic portraits, autoethnographic methods, and critical readings of the Turkish contemporary dance scene, Smuggled Tea Performance exposes the vulnerability and determination of two artists battling against contextual obstacles, institutional inertia, and their own personal failures to communicate. 


Concept and Choreography: Fatih GençkalDevised and Performed by: Mustafa Zeren, Fatih GençkalDramaturgy: Eylül Fidan AkıncıDesign: Cansu Pelin İşbilenProduction: tibia x fibulaPoster Design: Emre Yıldız

With the support of Daire Resident Artist Program, Mordem Sanat, Loading Diyarbakır, K2 UNA, PAL İzmir, purespace.ist and Darağaç