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SuckerPunch is the piece that will knock down everything you thought you knew about masculinity 

Kiros / Loliva

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Have you ever been afraid of walking alone in a dark alley at night? Inspired by real events of a homophobic attack, SuckerPunch reimagines the assault as a love story. The idea for the piece was born in 2021 as a reaction to a new wave of anti-lgbtq+ legislation rising all over Europe (Hungary, Italy, Russia) as well as the rest of the world.

Manuel and Iacopo felt the need to create a piece that would propose a counter narrative, looking critically at religious bigotry and conservative values about masculinity.

SuckerPunch places the two protagonists in a metaphorical boxing ring, where they fight their way through shame and sexuality in constant search for real intimacy. Through the use of high intensity dance, electronic beats, monologues based on real-life experiences and a punk soul, SuckerPunch is the theater piece that will knock down everything you thought you knew about masculinity. 


Artistic direction, concept, performance: Iacopo Loliva/ Manuel Kiros Paolini
Music composition: Jonathan Bonny
Text and dramaturgy: Marcus Peter Tesch
Light design: Grace Morales Suso
Video recording : Shahzeb Mohammad
PR image : Lex Vesseur/Oostblock media
Supported by: Amarte Fonds, Kunstraad Groningen, FerraraOFF Teatro, Amsterdam Fringe Festival
Special thanks: Grand Theater Groningen, Milan Schudel, Giulia Roggero