Framing Effekt

Location: Bijlmer Parktheater


duration of the performance: 50 min

Four individuals are constantly interconnected by a single rope, forming a complex system of gears and bodies. Each performer behaves like a component, a number, functioning as a constructed system inside a larger machine. Until it reaches a breaking point. By becoming aware of the others and themselves, a discovery of physical interaction begins. A chain reaction of events leads to an exploration of physical and emotional contact. Alternating between jumping, catching, bouncing, and spinning, transitioning to more intimate movements like supporting, hugging, balancing, and melting. Passing from a mechanical contact towards an intimate one, the physical memories of this experience are etched into their bodies, providing a lasting imprint of the journey together. 


We are Framing Effekt: Julie (FR), Lara (AT), Marius (CH) and Shalom (IT) Four young circus artists, four countries, three different circus disciplines and three different languages. This is what shapes Framing Effekt, a new contemporary circus company. Together as a collective without hierarchy, we explore circus and circus apparatuses to shift from a solo-prop to a group-discipline. Through the merge of four different perspectives, four opinions and four minds new symbiotic circus performances are created.  

Our artistic language lies within the transformation and the usual utilization of the traditional circus requisite. Through approaching an already established apparatus by finding new ways of interaction in a group with the object. 


Artists and Makers: Julie Micheneau (France), Lara Schönthal (Austria), Marius Cavin (Switzerland), Shalom Gramiccioli (Italy)
Music Composition: Claudius Leopold
Pictures: Heroen Bollaert
Light Design: Margot Jansens
Outside-Eye: Ganna-Poppea Veenhuysen, Pie Meuthen, Yotam Peled