‘tens:ding [bending over backwards]’

“How far do you contort yourself to accommodate for another?” 

Bjarte Wildeman



duration of the performance:

Connected through a mechanical structure, two performers find each other, sensing the other’s body and movement in a state of distanced intimacy. The performers continuously attempt to find a balance between themselves, surrendering to themselves and the other, leaning on and trusting in each other. They save, move and hold one another, but at what cost for themselves?  

The performance explores what attachment means: the fear of control, leaning into/onto each other and trust, in a struggle of intimacy. Inspired by Queer experiences of morphing, adapting and opening yourself, the performance exists as a moving installation which suspends two performers. By moving together, not alone, they continuously transform the installation’s shape, yet each changing form also manipulates the individuals, their body, movements and their relationship between power and care.


Concept, choreography/direction, creation: Bjarte Wildeman
Artistic advise: Marion Tränkle (mentor), Isabelle Chaffaud and Ludmila Rodrigues
Original cast and development: Maarten Keus, Lara Santos, Lucile Prems Soliman, Julie Goslinga, Inga Hirsch, Elisa de la Serna Gallego, Dominic Hughes, Corina V, Bjarte Wildeman
Lighting Advisor: Robin van den Berg
Special Thanks: Ange Neveau, Marion Tränkle, Michiel Pijpe, Sophia Bulgakova, Tanja Busking.
Photo: Alina Fejzo
Video: Tanja Busking & Ralph van Boeschoten