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The Absent Academy

You’ll play a student of lost languages, learn to draw disappeared faces and other forgotten knowledge

Agat Sharma and Sipan Sezgin

Location: [vdm_event_location] & Podium Mozaïek, studio


duration of the performance: [vdm_event_duration]

The Absent Academy is staged as a prestigious institution, a school dedicated to the preservation and spreading of knowledge that has been forgotten, removed, repressed, hidden, ignored, or overwritten. The school staff Sipan Sezgin and Agat Sharma are the highly qualified and expert teachers committed to resurrecting this lost knowledge.  

This academic year, students at the Absent Academy will have the opportunity to explore three unique and intriguing subjects. The first subject in The Absent Academy is called ‘Writing a Poem in a Lost Language’. The second subject is called ‘Drawing the Face of a Disappeared Person’. The academy concludes with a gruelling nerve-wracking exam. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be awarded a certificate and will join the esteemed alumni circle of the Absent Academy.