The Dispatcher

Unmask the truth about yourself in this raw and captivating storytelling show 

Claudio Cocivera, Hannah Rós Sigurðardóttir Tobin



duration of the performance:

“The Dispatcher” is a deeply personal and thought-provoking storytelling show that explores the impact of masking on mental health. It features original live music and interactive physical elements, taking the audience on a journey of empathy, discomfort, hate, and compassion. Through the power of storytelling, this unique and powerful performance sheds light on the complex nature of human identity and the masks we wear to fit into society.

“The Dispatcher” invites you to question your own perceptions of self. Don’t miss the chance to join us on this unforgettable exploration of the human psyche, and to discover the power of vulnerability in a world that values conformity. Join us for “The Dispatcher” and see the world through new eyes. 


Raphael Rodan (Writing Coach)
Fernanda Arouca (Assistant Producer)
Melania Salpietro (Stylist/Graphic Designer) Instagram: @sme_lanie
Merel Kors (Influencer Marketing Specialist) Instagram: @merskyy
Nicole Ollie (Photographer) Instagram: @divinewanderings
Alberto Becerra (Photographer) Instagram: @mi_nameisbonbon
Julia Rubacka (Painter) Instragam: @freeurart