An interactive, humorous theatre performance about intimacy, #metoo and transgressive behaviour

Anemone Valcke & Verona Verbakel

Location: Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Rode Zaal


duration of the performance: 1 h

“The Ego” talks about boundaries.    


About theirs.  

About yours.  

About those of theatre.  

Shameless, dramatic and vulnerable.  

“The Ego” investigates communicating about transgressive behaviour.  

Because it’s about being believed.  

Judith Godrèche: “Vous savez, pour se croire faut-il être cru.”.    


“The Ego” rocks in and out of credibility.  

What is real? What do you believe?    


“The Ego” is a performance about watching and being watched, in which Anemone and Verona investigate the extent to which internalized misogyny, transgressive behaviour and #metoo are part of their professional and personal lives; and –without victim blaming- to what extent they are responsible for this. To keep it fun, the audience chooses the scenes and gives points. A game about boundaries, shame and intimacy. 


Anemone (Ghent, 1990) and Verona (Ghent, 1992) met through the feminist performance “Sirens” by Ontroerend Goed. For this performance they won The Stage Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival ’14. Between the two of them they share 2 awards for film roles, 2 Ensor nominations and 1 Amnesty International Freedom of Expression nomination. This is mainly due to Anemone’s work ethic. Verona, on the other hand, performed with Wunderbaum, De Warme Winkel and Romeo Castellucci.  

With a shared passion and background as victims and survivors of transgressive behavior, Anemone and Verona do not want to point fingers. On the contrary, they want to have fun. To achieve this, the audience can choose the scenes and play along. Humor sets the tone of the performance. The dynamics between the two different characters of the actors are also used playfully to entertain the audience. Since the actors believe in the necessity of this theme, the lightness with which it is presented and their English accents, they would like to tour internationally with the performance. (And preferably win some awards.) Which would flatter their ego. 


Acting & co-creation: Anemone Valcke & Verona Verbakel
Concept: Verona Verbakel
Final director: Karolien De Bleser
Dramaturgy: Mieke Versyp & Daan Borloo
Translation: Joeri Smet
Styling: Tine Verbeurgt
Image: Alexandra Colmenares
Co-production: Theater Aan Zee, KVS & CC De Steiger Menen
Thanks to: Amsterdam Fringe Festival, De Brakke Grond & Theater Aan Zee