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The Forest Has No End

What happens in the forest when no one is looking: an audience-led storytelling experience 

Irina Koriazova & Sinéad O’Brien

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Listen to the trees’ whispers in the moonlight, and the mushrooms’ chatter as you pass them by. What happens in the forest when no one is looking?  

Come, join us in the deep dark woods. Squeeze my hand to let me know you’re still there. Don’t break the circle. Avoid the stranger’s eyes, piercing your soul. 

An immersive storytelling experience combining nature and folklore, science and magic. In this space, we become a part of the woods. Old stories and superstitions, powered by collective imagination, transform nothingness and darkness into a magical realm. Play your part in the story, we cannot tell it without you….  

This is a shifting ever-changing show, where the audience defines how the stories unravel. Mixing old folklore together to create something new but strangely familiar. Let’s explore the terrain of ancient wisdom. What can we do to stay safe? 


Alborz Sahebdivaniphotographer