The Gift


Jordan Achiano



duration of the performance:

Embark on an intimate journey that gracefully transcends the boundaries of the physical existence. Allow the intertwining energies of masculinity and femininity to engage in a profound dialogue with the music, captivating all the senses. You are invited to experience the gentle liberation as you observe a body embrace the boundless freedom of expression, shedding societal expectations and analytical constraints.

In this performance, the fluidity and poetry of movement conveys profound emotions that heal and inspire, creating a profound sense of togetherness and unifying the audience in shared vulnerability. You are to simply observe an ethereal exploration that tenderly touches the depths of the soul inviting you to embrace a heightened state of being. Prepare to be captivated as this extraordinary performance unravels new dimensions of artistic expression, touching the heart and spirit in yet unexplored ways. 


Perry Gits , Robin Niamon , Madina Brathisvili , Nicole Geertruida