The Grand Percussionist || attacca

Power play is a two way street

The Grand Percussionist

Location: Treehouse NDSM


duration of the performance: 40 min

Anyone can find themselves in a codependent relationship at one point in their life. For some it is in marriage, for others it’s in the office. What’s harmony for some, is harmful for others. Fueled by twenty years of experience as classical musicians, Yung-Tuan and Che-Sheng reveal the competition, hierarchical structures and highly unequal power dynamics, and they endure all that hardship, because in the end they want what anyone truly wants: to be seen and heard. With loud drums and intense intimate scenes these two performers give you a chance to look inside their vulnerable minds. How did they fight their way to the top and how many bruises did they have to earn? And why do they choose to keep their mouth shut when they see superiors abuse their powers? It is absurd, fragile, traumatising and yet addictive. 


The Grand Percussionist is a percussion theater collective founded by Yung-Tuan Ku and Che-Sheng Wu. Both are Taiwanese-Dutch percussionists, performers, and theater makers based in Amsterdam. They share similar backgrounds and experiences from their upbringing and cultural integration. Yung-Tuan and Che-Sheng aim to develop and promote percussion theater as a powerful form of musical expression, encompassing everything from earnest social and political statements to light-hearted and humorous incidents.